Cyberia Borehole create cameras for borehole inspection, well and cavity surveying, wireline logging and geothermal survey.

The Cyberia borehole cameras boast some unique technologies: they automatically adapt to any winch and cable. You can operrate the versatile camera on your existing geophysical winch. There is no need for further investment, the camera will adjust to any cable and winch, whatever the type, length, and quality of the cable. Down looking and 360 deg infinite side viewing with software Controllable Features. You can control and adjust Variable High & Low intensity lighting.  Our dual radial axial cameras automatically detect borehole wall corrosion, pitting, porosity, thanks to ultrasound or MLF Magnetic Flux Leakage. High quality equipment, with high flexibility and reliability. Downhole cameras allow you to see what is happening in your well, and Our High Quality Colour Video Runs on all wireline cables.

Borehole camera for high depths of 5000 meters. Sustains very deep and high pressure for geothermal survey. Borehole cameras allow for high speed data transmission, real time video and still photo capture, user controlled lens focusing, video compression, optical and lighting technology, CCD sensors and image processing. Inspection tool and device for loggers and drillers. Real-time TV solution for drilling oil, gas, water, geophysics, geothermal exploration. Designed to be mounted within a vehicle with any winch. Works with any existing winch and cable on the market. Viewing and inspecting boreholes and water wells with a video camera system. These downhole cameras are used for exploration and surveillance of cavities, pipelines, boreholes. Can also move horizontally as a crawler. Cameras and robots for wireline logging borehole inspection. European French manufacturer. High reliability and quality. Low price. The best borehole cameras on the market.

Buy the best portable borehole and well cameras to inspect wells, ducts, deep bores. Shop borehole cameras for visual inspection of boreholes and wells. Cyberia Borehole cameras allow you to see underground. Purchase downhole inspection camera and borewell camera for borehole CCTV Video Inspection. Water Deep Well Inspection 5000m. Borehole Camera for very high depths and temperatures. Downhole video and camera well inspections is necessary for borehole maintenance. Equipment to explore cavities. We can create custom cameras with detection modules to suit any of your inspection and surveillance needs. 

Borehole cameras can be used inside all kinds of holes such as those created to collect soil samples, rock cores or water samples.
The borehole camera is the best tool for mining investigations. It allows engineers to view, survey, inspect and make video recordings of boreholes, wells, mine shafts, sink holes.

Borehole camera for wireline logging inspection and geothermal survey. Cyberia Borehole Camera systems are versatile. Automatic calibration for each vehicle or truck. Our cameras can become crawlers to travel horizontally in boreholes and pipes. Cameras work for well logging and wireline cable. Inspection, logging and measurement of boreholes, such as ground water wells or underground gas storage wells. Survey, exploration and 3D representation of underground cavities or sinkholes. We manufacture remote controlled CCTV systems, well logging probes, sonar, and ultrasound, which can operate in very deep boreholes up to 5000 meters or more.

Applications include:  Underwater camera video systems for viewing water wells, tanks, shafts, caissons, and horizontal boreholes. Inspection camera systems for geology exploration, geology work, and water well review. Maneuverable cameras with high quality image resolution for borehole and water well video camera systems.

We offer professional lightweight portable borehole camera systems for industrial use, that are durable, lightweigth, universal and cost effective. Enduring Downhole video and camera inspection systems. Periodic inspections to determine existing well conditions and perform preventative maintenance After service inspections to verify cleaning, repairs, track well conditions and ensure compliance. Pre-purchase inspections. Ground water monitoring to determine quality, mineral conditions, geological strata. Locating and retrieving lost tools. New construction inspection to display the quality of work and offer customer assurance. Inspection or measurement within various types of boreholes, related to ground water wells or underground gas storage wells and the needs for the inspection and the 3D representation of underground cavities or sinkholes. Remote controlled TV systems, well logging probes and 3D laser systems which can operate in boreholes of 5000 meters and 130° C and custom-made cameras to 7000 meters and 180° C.

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